Momento Pro expanding business

Momento Pro expanding business
New premises as Sydney printer invests in new equipment and extends photo book service

Sydney based printer Momento Pro is growing its business, having moved from its old premises in Chippendale to a larger facility in Zetland.

The fifteen-year-old family-owned company is expanding its services, after investing in new equipment and experiencing increased demand for products. It has upgraded its HP Indigo and bought new Horizon and Plockmatic finishing kit.

Geoff Hunt, managing director and founder says, “In Chippendale, we were literally touching the walls. The building was being redeveloped so that pushed us to finally do what we had planned to do anyway. Our new facility has another 200 square metres, , which allowed us to install new equipment to respond to growing demand for particular products and explore opportunities in new markets.“

Momento says that although moving 900 square metres was a mammoth task there were advantages to be had, the new footprint allowed the company to set up the new production facility to maximise efficiency in their workflow.

Hunt explaines, “A few years ago Flush Mount Albums became the top of the range product for the international wedding market, so in 2016 we invested in inkjet printers, and proprietary binding equipment to offer Australian and New Zealand photographers a locally manufactured option. Demand grew quickly, so we had to buy more equipment and create a Fine Art department separate to our photo book production space. Now we have brought the departments together to share resources.”

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Momento’s page, and finished book, quality assurance departments were also relocated and combined during the move, allowing for easier back up during times of overflow.

Jessica O’Shaughnessy, operations manager at Momento was key to directing the seamless relocation of 30 staff and fifteen plus pieces of major machinery, as well as to mapping out the efficient new floor plan. “We did some hard core planning when figuring out the layout of our new production space. Everything has been positioned to minimise distance between different stages of production; we have created enclosed dust-free environments for particular departments; and power now hangs from the ceiling, keeping it a safer and cleaner area.”

The additional space and new equipment is also allowing Momento to increase their promotion and production of volume orders. Libby Jeffery, marketing manager, sayss that, “The biggest growth we are experiencing in the business is in volume orders, which for us is up to 250 copies. Some of the orders are for photographers who want to self publish a limited edition book, but we are also getting a lot of jobs from corporates for portfolios and marketing publications, as well as consumer family history books.”

The recent purchase of an Horizon Creaser and Plockmatic Booklet Maker will enable Momento to offer new and alternative affordable formats for self-publishing and promotions.

The central feature of the new production facility is an HP Indigo 7900 printer, which was recently upgraded to seven colours with Light Light Black ink and an Indigo primer, to provide enhanced colour reproduction for their discerning commercial and domestic customers.

The company says the relocation has set Momento off to a roaring start in 2018, and Hunt concludes, “Our new premises and printer, combined with our loyal staff and reputation as one of Australia’s best photo book brands, will ensure we continue producing premium quality, locally-made books, while exploring new products and new markets. It is an exciting phase!”


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