Excel Australasia installs solar panels

Excel Australasia installs solar panels
CEO says other printers should follow suit in face of energy crisis

Excel Australasia’s Melbourne headquarters is now running on solar power, which will be driving all printing production.

Ken Williams, CEO of Excel Australasia says, “The solar panels covers the whole roof area of our factory. They are powering the manufacturing, and all of our servers at our main business. And we have back-up batteries.

“Solar is good for the culture of the company as a whole. If we can help the environment while we do business, great. It will also reduce the cost of power over the medium and short term, and the cost of the investment will be recouped.

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“It is having a positive effect on the business. It is the small things you do not see: the staff are excited that the company cares enough to make a difference, to see that we are reducing our footprint. Our account managers are going out and seeing customers and they are excited about it. Their communications material is being produced in the most environmentally friendly process but at no additional cost. Long term, we are also reducing costs as a business.

“We know our industry uses a lot of power. Who knows where commerce energy prices will be in two years? Alternative energy sources are a way to safeguard against risings costs and it is paid off in three to five years. It has a positive effect on our staff and our community. Our industry uses a lot of power – let’s be the leaders and make a difference.”

Williams was voted number three in ProPrint’s Power 50 this year. The company has plants in Melbourne, Sydney and Bangkok, employs 170 people over three continents, and is major software developer for mobile applications as well as a highly automated and innovative printer.


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