Million-dollar investment in Nexpresses leads to million-plus runs for Cojo

Million-dollar investment in Nexpresses leads to million-plus runs for Cojo
Cojo has capitalised on its second Kodak Nexpress SX3900 by winning million-run jobs.

The Sydney mailing house installed the SX3900 just before Christmas, having already bought an SX3300 in early 2012, said director Rod Jones.

Jones told ProPrint that the Nexpresses had handled some major jobs in the past few months, including a million-plus run for a banking client in December and an 850,000-run job for another client in March.

"The first one won us business. The second one has enabled us to continue adding clients to that digital offering. In order to keep up with demand, we needed a second engine," he said.

"There's a general increase in demand for digital print. Because we're a mailhouse and it's all variable stuff, there's increasing sophistication in the DM stuff that goes out, and that can't be achieved with the offset-and-laser-overprint combination."

The SX3300, which prints at 100 pages per minute (ppm), was subsequently upgraded to an SX3900, which prints at 120ppm, he said.

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That ability to add speed and specs to the Nexpress was one of the reasons why it appealed to the 78-staff firm. Another was that it offered a fifth colour, he said.

"They've got lots of special features and enhancements that can be done using that fifth station, but it's just the robustness and reliability that make it stand out."

Kodak Australia marketing manager John Hatzimanolis said the Nexpress offered printers the chance to differentiate themselves from the competition.

"By utilising the fifth imaging unit, printers have the ability to expand colour gamut, provide inline coating, gold effects, MICR and security applications," he told ProPrint.

"The Nexpress can also expand as your business needs grow, due to its scalability and modularity, as well as easily integrating with existing workflows due to its open architecture. All this whilst offering photographic image quality: job to job, day to day."

Konica Minolta Australia, which supplied the Nexpress through its sales partnership with Kodak, said the firm was very happy to be working with Cojo.

"Rod has been able to demonstrate fantastic growth over the last year and the Nexpress has been a valuable tool in handling this growth," said general manager David Procter.

"The Nexpress with the optional RGB units and the longsheet feed have proven to excellent additions."

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