Jagar Sprinting makes world first with colour-certified Xerox iGen4

Jagar Sprinting makes world first with colour-certified Xerox iGen4
Jagar Sprinting has proved that Aussie printers can be world-beaters as it secured the first ever PSO colour management certification for a Xerox printing engine.

The Sydney CBD-based digital printer's Xerox iGen4 was certified to ISO 12647-2 on 2 July, after an eight-month process with Ugra PSO certification consultant Jason Hall from CMYKit.

Jagar director Bruce Jacobs told ProPrint that this proved the capabilities of the iGen4, which it installed in October 2009.

"There was a belief it wasn't possible [to get this certification for Xerox equipment] but we've proven otherwise," said Jacobs (pictured left with Hall, middle, and Jagar's Malcolm Gasper, right).

He added that while customers weren't yet demanding ISO 12647, Jagar would "go through an education process" to show clients the benefits of measurable colour.

Jacobs said print buyers would see the benefits from efficiencies Jagar had implemented through the certification process.

"The benefits of this achievement will flow to our customers through better colour management, better products, better turnaround times - in other words, a consistently superior process in every facet of our operation," Jacobs said.

Hall called it a "testament to the Jagar Sprinting commitment to world-class printing expertise".

"We are ecstatic at the positive result achieved," he added.

Garry Knespal, executive officer of GASAA and Ugra certified expert, said: "It is a credit to the human capabilities and digital print technology at the company that they were able to score such a high PSO test rating."

Jagar Sprinting, which employs 21 staff, is the result of the May 2008 merger between Jagar Document Integration, established in 1999, and Sprinting, established in 1977.

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